What is DJ Event Planner?

DJ Event Planner (DJEP) is web-based software designed to help you run your Disc Jockey business. This software will help you keep track of your booking calendar, appointments, customers, employees, and equipment. Combining several tools into one full-featured software application, DJ Event Planner can handle every aspect of your business. These are the primary functions of the software:
Scheduling Calendar
Customer Portal
Email System
Event Planning Forms
Document Creation
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How does DJ Event Planner help organize my business?

All of the information and documents related to your business will finally be located in one place, accessible through one interface. Important data won't be spread across your desktop applications, folders, and websites.

There is no need to use multiple products with multiple logins and interfaces. Doing so is more expensive, confusing, and put simply, wastes your precious time.

This software provides one portal for your clients, your employees and yourself. All of the data is pulled from one database, so no synchronization of multiple databases is necessary.

Because you have enough to think about already, the software will keep track of actions you take regarding contact with your clients and the specific details about each customer's event.

Also, because the software keeps track of everything, you can finally put an end to the paper clutter typically associated with running your business.

Your Data Finally In One Place!

To Do Items
Client Contacts
Client/Employee/Venue Info
Contract Details
Planning Information
Mail Templates
Equipment Lists
Music Lists

There are no complex menus for you to learn. Everything is point and click, just like a regular web page. Key elements are all cross-referenced by links allowing you to go quickly between the associated employee, client, event, and assigned equipment.

You can display your schedule by day, month, week or year. You can also view data sorted by client, event, employee, venue, package, add-ons, or equipment.

The search function allows you to quickly find the data you are looking for. Popup calendars help you pick dates quickly. Tasks are automated via time-saving macros.

How will DJ Event Planner enhance my current website?

DJ Event Planner includes a suite of website plug-ins that you can use on your current website. These plug-ins are called DJ Website Tools, interactive tools that add functionality to your site.

The primary purpose of is to provide useful tools for potential clients. Rather than having boring static web pages, which are really nothing more than an electronic brochure, your potential clients will be able to check your availability, request information, browse your music database, and (if enabled) view your event calendar. This interactivity will keep potential customers on your website for a longer period of time, vastly increasing the chances they will book you.

The second purpose of DJ Website Tools is to provide tools for your current customers. These tools allow them to plan the details of their event, to make payments, to update their contact information, and to review the details of the service you will be providing.

These website tools are customizable so they match the look and feel of your current website. You can set it up so that your clients will never know the event planner tools are hosted on our servers. You can add your own logo, change the colors, and customize the wording for these tools.

DJ Website Tools

Check Availability
Request Information Form
Event Calendar
Music Database
Guest Songs Requests
Planning Forms
Payment Gateway
Client Logon

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  1. Access your data anywhere there is an internet connection.
  2. No software to install.
  3. Data is not trapped on a single computer.
  4. Upgrades are automatic. No need to constantly install patches or upgrades.
  5. Cross-Platform: Use it on PC/Mac/Linux using any browser.
  6. Your data is safe: viruses, OS corruptions, crashes.
  7. Easy to use. Point and click interface.
  8. Everyone can use it: clients, employees, and yourself.
  9. No need to synchronize sets of data. Everything is stored in one data repository.
  10. No fancy hardware requirements. All processing is done by the server.


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